The final products of project Culture heritage and Gamification in Education were

1) A digital game with 33 monuments from Greece, Italy and Spain. You are a young scientist who tries to “Save the world” at (credentials needed, check here)

2) Cultural Guides for 90 monuments with multimedia resources, from Greece, Italy and Spain (different versions in Greek, Italian, Spanish and English -in Word and PDF)

Cultural Guides in PDF

Cultural Guides in Word at Drive Folder here

Monuments in PDF

Monuments in Word at Drive Folder here

Scenarios in PDF

Scenarios in Word at Drive Folder here


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“Culture Heritage and Gamification in Education” is related to the utilization of cultural heritage in education, by integrating the strategy of gamification in the modern school. As technology influences and is influenced by culture, and in this context, dialogue between them is more relevant and imperative than ever. The integration of this strategy is dictated by both pedagogical and socio-economic reasons, which stem from the influence of science and technology in the modern world. The digitization of cultural heritage and its integration into various subjects in school should go with an integrated approach to cultural heritage that, instead of isolating it from everyday life, encourages interaction between it and civil society.

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On 5th of June we celebrated the World Environment Day by playing a digital game about fast fashion and climate change. A group discussion followed about the ways of action that need to be taken against fast fashion.

Students from partner schools who visited our town, Komotini in April 2023 had the chance to enjoy all the important sites of the town and get familiarized with the cultural heritage of Greece by playing a digital scavenger hunt game which students of Geniko Lykeio Iasmou prepared for the mobility.

From the questionnaire addressed to the teachers in all three countries it was demonstrated
that the evolution and the effectiveness of educational games, combined with the excitement and
enjoyment they provide, fosters inspiration, promotes change, creates goodwill, coordinates
efforts in different environments, helps to maximize motivation, creates a pleasant experience for
the student, and maintains interest at high levels.

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