MERAKI is a non-profit organisation located in Valencia (Spain). It was constituted in 2017 by a group of committed professionals in the fields of education, social welfare and integration, psychology and technology.

Despite the organisation has been recently created, the professionals involved in it have more than 15 years of experience in the field of education, European projects and entrepreneurship.

MERAKI is currently participating in three European projects with the role of training design, curriculum development and delivering of training courses. Also, in one of them we are hosting an e-learning platform (Moodle) and we are providing support in the design of on-line and blended training. The team in MERAKI is also capable of organising training and multiplier events in Valencia, where it is located.

Social innovation is embedded into MERAKI: the aim of the association is to enhance and improve education and society by facilitating contact networks with other European schools, associations, sport clubs and other organisations. Meraki also provides its expertise in various fields to improve education systems and society in general.

The main ACTIVITIES provided within the association include:

  • Counselling in the field of internationalisation addressed to education centres, associations and sport-clubs.
  • Collaboration in establishing European and world-wide networks.
  • On-line, blended and face-to-face training addressed to professionals on different topics: innovative methodologies in education and training (gamification, flipped classroom, etc.), digital competences, internationalisation, diversity, social integration, psychology, creativity, entrepreneurship and project management.
  • In-company training on fields related to psychology, social integration, new training methodologies, new technologies, internationalisation and project management.

MERAKI believes that social initiatives are the basis for social improvement. Therefore, it offers a collaboration platform for various professionals committed to work for a better world.