Geniko Lykeio Iasmou (General Upper Secondary School of Iasmos) is situated in Iasmos, a small town 23 km west of Komotini, in East Macedonia and Thrace region. It is a public Upper Secondary General School. It has about 115 pupils and 17 staff/teachers. A huge percentage of our students belongs to Muslim minority. Some of them have low social and economical profile. Also, there is a percentage of 3% of pupils with special needs. All our students are able to communicate in English. Our school offers general secondary education. We try to adjust our school to rapid financial, cultural and technological changes and to add European added value.

By joining this project we hope that our students’ and teachers’ skills will be developed and the quality of the educational process will be improved. The teachers and the students involved in the project will have an opportunity to observe, evaluate and enhance their knowledge from a range of different perspectives. They will get a chance to teach, participate and learn in an educational system different from their own. We strongly believe that a collaborative project can contribute to strengthening our European dimension, to sharing our different cultures and developing long-lasting links. Every year we organize trainings for students about earthquakes in cooperation with local authorities and fire brigade of our town. We are very eager to learn more and work on this topic.

Our teachers are enthusiastic and ready to put their skills at our disposal.