ICON Greece

I.CO.N (Inclusion in COmmuNity), is a Greek non-profit educational organisation in Rodos that offers a broad spectrum of educational and social activities.

ICON Greece was initiated as an informal group of educators and students aiming to enhance inclusion in the school community –for students with special skills, different cultural backgrounds or belonging to vulnerable groups as Roma, foreign, repatriate, refugee. ICON Greece started by implementing volunteer activities and educational projects at Secondary Schools in Rodos at the context of extra curricular activities such as Environment, Culture, Health Promotion, Creative Assignments, Social Inclusion, Skills Development, Social and Emotional Learning and Career Guidance.

ICON Greece’s vision is to focus on the image of the other; hence „icon“ means image in Greek language. ICON designs activities that promote empathy, through the image we have of ourselves and others around us. ICON aims to hug all the images and enhance a mosaic of diversities.

ICON uses non-formal education

  • to support personal and professional development and thus increase employment
  • to encourage multilingualism and integration of cultures
  • to promote active citizenship and volunteering
  • to stimulate creativity and new ideas for entrepreneurial initiatives
  • to encourage protection of nature and animals and respect for the environment
  • to suggest a healthy lifestyle for personal well being
  • to provide educational opportunities at rural areas and disadvantaged regions for people with fewer opportunities
  • to endorse the elimination of stereotypes