V.E.M. SRLs Italy

V.E.M. SRLs is a SME formed by a team of young people who have decades of experience in the field of education, vocational training and new technologies; V.E.M. is recognised as an effective, efficient and gender proactive institution for the promotion and development of the labour market sector in Calabria. The philosophy of education at V.E.M. is based on a holistic conception of education that focuses on all aspects of the human experience including the importance of dialogue and interculturalism. V.E.M. endorses a student-learning pedagogy methodology that acknowledges the importance of differentiated learning and instruction. We believe in the importance of all kinds of research including academic and action-based research which produces tangible results. V.E.M. strives to achieve the highest quality standards in education.

Rationale and Vision: The Vision of V.E.M. is to offer high-quality education and learning experiences supported by active and research activities in a variety of fields connected to recognized and developing professions (such as ICT and Computer Studies, Business, Management, Leadership, Hospitality, Sport) while offering learners a genuine multicultural and intercultural experience.

The mission of V.E.M. is:

• To provide home grown programmes and other programmes in conjunction with recognized universities and with professional industries;

• To provide high quality learning experience to its learners.

Aims and Objectives:

1) Promote local and global development and integration;

2) Create, preserve and disseminate knowledge;

3) Welcoming equality and solidarity;

4) Offer opportunities to disadvantaged learners;

5) Champion freedom of thought and expression;

6) Encourage analytical and questioning spirit amongst learners;

7) Empower learners with knowledge and personal development skills;

8) European citizenship in a broad sense.

9) Encourage the transnational mobility as a tool for promoting intercultural dialogue, mutual understanding between peoples and exchange among cultures

10) Support young people in important decisions about their future by acting as career guidance on the job and vocational training field.

11) Cooperate at local, national and international level with other educational and training organizations, institutional bodies, social partners and NGO.

Our working approach: our staff have more than 10 years of experience with professional after education, and therefore a vast experience with a learner-centred approach. During the courses we ensure that the learning is contextualised, relevant and applicable for each participant and their organisation. Theory is put into action through concrete training of new competences as well as through working on the cases from the group.