Goals and products of “Culture Heritage and Gamification in Education”

The social, educational and economic value of cultural heritage is the focus of our project. It has been stated that the utilization of culture for educational, cultural and tourism purposes can enforce a sense of belonging and pride among members of the community. At the same time, learning about other cultures emphasizes common values and helps face racism.

Education today has a responsibility to equip students with research, digital and critical thinking skills to search for information; evaluate and use it effectively. The importance of digital literacy is justified not only by the quantity of media exposure but also by the vital role that information has in modern society.

The project was designed to contribute to:

• Mapping the cultural monuments of European countries through a digital platform

• Develop a practical methodology that facilitates young people’s access to of cultural heritage and promotes digital skills through Gamification

The expected results of the project will be the result of joint cooperation between university, non-governmental organisations, schools and small and medium-sized enterprise. The final products are :

1. Digital application with monuments and cultural sites aiming to be used by the school community.

2. Pilot implementation of the educational material in schools and organisations

3. Digital Guide with mapping of monuments

4. Website