On line kick off meeting for “Cultural heritage and Gamification in Education”

On Wednesday , 23 of June 2021, the kick-off meeting of the Erasmus+KA227 project “Culture heritage and Gamification in Education” (CultGamEdu) took place online aiming to take the first step towards achieving its goals, review the partners’ tasks and schedule the first LTTA due to Covid 19 restrictions  in October 2021.

CultGamEdu is a 24-month project co-funded by the Erasmus+ KA227 – Partnerships for Creativity programme. The project aims to bring together educators, members of organizations and young people in order to highlight a best gamification practice that will be used in the field of education. The consortium will work on the creation and implementation of a digital application for mobile phones and tablets with integrated cultural heritage sites and educational activities in the form of a game. The project CultGamEdu fosters the awareness of cultural heritage through modern strategies and tools that promote the digital skills of tomorrow’s citizens.